Saturday, March 5, 2011

...i hEaRt CrOssFiT...

Yesterday, I wore this tank. It's one of my favorites. I wasn't feeling well but I was scheduled to work. When I am scheduled to cover classes at our Crossfit gym, I HAVE to be there because it means my friend Jared that owns the gym is on duty at the fire station. There's no one else...and that's okay...because I love my job and the people I work with.

After I made it through the day and got home from the last class, I went in my closet to change and take off my workout clothes and put on some jeans so we could go eat some dinner. As I slipped off this tank and threw it in my laundry hamper, I thought about just how true that little phrase is to me and why.People wear "I heart" shirts all the time. One of the most well known would have to be "I heart NY". Some people may wear those shirts and really mean it, but for most, it's just a fashion statement or a cute saying. I would venture to say that most everybody that wears an "I heart CF" shirt...means it. I know I do, and I'll tell you why.For me, it's not just about the organization itself. It's so much more that I love. I love that I can train like an athlete and that I can coach and train everyday people like athletes. I love that the workouts have pushed me past my self imposed limitations...time and time and time again. I love that it never gets easier. It does not matter how long I have done Crossfit or how good of shape I'm in...if I give everything I is always hard and there's always room for improvement. I love having people sweating and suffering alongside me during workouts, and laid out on the floor next to me when we are done. I love how strong and fit I FORTY ONE! I love that I have had the opportunity to learn from and train with great coaches at certification classes including Dave Castro, Dutch Lowy, Adrian Bozman, Brian MacKenzie, Mark Rippetoe, Shane Hamman, Mike Burgener, and many others. I love the friends I have made at certifications and on Facebook and through the Crossfit community in my area, but the thing I love the most is my Crossfit family.I get to associate and train and work with a small group of people that are more than clients or even friends to me. They are like family. I know that in a pinch, I could rely on any one of the people at my gym. They push me and encourage me and I do the same for them. I hear them cheer each other on during workouts and have even seen people that are sweaty and exhausted...finished with their own workout...go out and do lunges or run beside another person that may be struggling to finish. They tease me all the time and we joke around, but at the end of the day I KNOW they have my back. THESE are the reasons that I truly "heart" Crossfit.

I think this is an amazing video by Crossfit by Overload! To learn more about Crossfit, visit the mainsite by clicking HERE!

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