Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..."eAt LiKe a cAvEmAn"...

Here's a great little spot on the Paleo diet. I don't personally follow it, but I have MANY friends and know people at my gym that do and have had great results...both in performance and with weight loss. I was excited to see a story that included Robb Wolf and featured Crossfit gyms, but on a selfish note...I was mostly excited to see a woman wearing a pink "Strong is the new skinny" tank!!! (4:43) Give it a watch and if you are interested in this diet or getting the tank, I will put links below where you can find more info!

Practical Paleolithic (great resource from my friend Adam Farrah)
Robb Wolf (author of "The Paleo Solution")
"Strong is the new skinny" (get the tank here)

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  1. Awesome!

    Strong is the new skinny... and low carb is the new low fat.