Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A strong will and faith to match

9 years ago when I weighed 200 lbs, if someone had told me that I would be sitting here typing these words today...I would have laughed.  I was very unhappy and felt very defeated.  It wasn't until I made a decision to stop doubting myself and started working really hard towards a goal that my life and body began to change.  It was a very slow process, but I was successful! 

The hard part is that the struggle is not over once we meet a goal or lose all the weight.  It is a never ending battle.  You have to commit and recommit over and over, and you have to be willing to make your health a way of life.  Most importantly, you can never lose faith in yourself and your ability to change and be fit!  We all have times where we slide back into old habits or start to feel discouraged.  Don't let that stop you, or worse drag you back down to where you once were! 

The only thing between you and what you want in life is your will to try and faith to believe it's possible...because it IS possible to change!  It doesn't matter whether you have "bad genetics" or kids or you're busy or getting older.  Let motivational pics inspire you, but never try to look like anyone else.  Set goals and work towards improving YOURSELF and becoming the best possible version of YOU!  No matter what...if you have the will to change and be CAN achieve your goals with hard work and belief in yourself!  I did, and so can you!