Friday, January 11, 2013

Lazy me-0 Trainer me-1

It's funny how even those of us that work in the fitness industry and motivate people for a living are more like the people that we train than you would ever believe.  Well...I guess I won't speak for EVERYONE in the fitness industry, but I will speak for myself.  Some days it's agonizingly hard to "practice what I preach."  At times, I find myself making excuses that I would ordinarily call "bulls***" on if anyone else were to try and use them.  I like food...especially sweets and fried foods.  Sometimes I wanna skip the gym or do the bare minimum.  I justify my choices and console myself with excuses.  It's easy to tell people what to do, but doing it yourself is a whole 'nother thing!

Today was my first day to workout after WEEKS of being sick!  It started out as me being miserable and legitimately not wanting to get other people sick and wanting to get better by resting.  The problem was that this crap has hung on and I never got better.  After a couple of days on antibiotics, I knew that I needed to jump back in today...and I did.  I did a hard workout and although it was a struggle...I finished and felt good.  I left the gym covered in chalk and glad that I did not put off getting back into it another day.  I was going to drive my daughter to school then "finish" my workout with some extra cardio.  Once I got in my car and left, I started to think..."Wow!  I'm so glad I worked out!  I was planning to go do more cardio afterwards, but maybe what I already did was enough...I mean I HAVE been sick and I AM trying to get better."  So I decided to just go tan then go home after, shower, and be "done" for the day.  I felt completely justified in this decision making.  I mean was being "smart"...right?  Or was I just being lazy?
As I drove, the trainer in me came out and the conversation went something like this in my head...

TRAINER ME:  "Are you kidding me?!?  You can't go do that extra 30-45 minutes?  You complain that you aren't happy with your body and then you slack like this?!?!"

LAZY ME:  "But I worked out for 45 minutes!  And I have been so sick!  Isn't that a good "start"...just for today?!?  I'll do more tomorrow and more the next day.  I should take it easy."

TRAINER ME:   "TAKE IT EASY?!?!  Taking it easy isn't going to change you!  Taking it easy will keep you right where you are!  Do you like where you are?"

LAZY ME:  "No."

TRAINER ME:  "Then, make this a good healthy breakfast to fuel up...and go FINISH what you started!"

I know I'm not alone.  I know there's so many people that struggle each day for various reasons with both eating healthy and working out.  Truth's hard and it's not usually convenient, but it's worth it.  Learning to conquer yourself and overcome bad habits leads to better health and long lasting happiness.  Start asking yourself tough questions.

Would you be proud to publish your food diary?  Are you even writing down everything you eat or do you skip writing down the nibbles here and there of crap?  Did you give all you had to your workout or did you sandbag it and rationalize your decision to do so?  Would you be proud to post your workout on a fitness page? 

Lose the excuses and be real with yourself!  Answer these questions honestly and correct the areas that need correcting.  The beauty of all this is that it's never too late!  As long as you are long as you are alive another can change and do better!  I'm glad I didn't stop and buy a donut for breakfast.  I'm glad that I am going to publish this, get in my car, and finish what I started this morning.  Don't cheat yourself anymore!  Go that extra mile and start achieving your goals.  Lose the excuses and enjoy the feeling of pride that comes when you have truly given your all!  Don't just talk the talk or pin fitness pictures on your Pinterest boards.  Go DO those things yourself!  Be willing to back your words up with ACTION and you will amaze yourself with your progress!