Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...bEhoLd tHe pOwEr oF sPaNdeX!...

I do try to be inspirational and real. None of this is about promoting ME...it's about changing the way people think and how they see themselves and the world too. When I was not strong, everything was a big deal. The smallest mistakes and failures would ruin me for a whole day...or two. I can still be a little dramatic at times and I'm a crazy magnet. If something strange or crazy is gonna happen...it will happen to ME...but I've learned to laugh. Sure, I still have days where I fall into old, bad habits, but I'm so much better than I used to be. I don't take myself half as seriously as everyone else does anymore.

SOOOOO...having said that...today will be just a silly post...nothing inspirational...or touching...no tips or big "AHA!" moments...just a funny story. It's actually a re-post from something I wrote last year on my other blog "Blonde Revelations: the introspective thoughts of an imperfect perfectionist". I was reminded of this because I put up a discount code for one of my favorite workout wear sites, Otomix, on the "Strong is the New Skinny" FB page. I got a few random "thank you"s and comments, but one last comment caught my eye this AM. A man said, "As a man looking at those cloths they are only designed for one purpose and nothing else...". So I took the bait and asked "What's that Nichlas?" and he commented "To make men go crazy! Now i have to buy those cloths for my woman damnit!"

It IMMEDIATELY reminded me of this old post. The capris I'm wearing are from Otomix, which makes it even funnier. Anyways...if you only want inspirational or you don't wanna hear just a random story about a trip to my local Walmart...stop reading now. If you're game...here it is! CLICK HERE and read.


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful picture! Did someone just turn up the heat! Dang! Heartbeat increasing, respiration... :D

  2. Took your invite... thanks for that.

    Love the hyena and the spandex story. As to the spandex story, there are some women, I married one, who can be fully clothed and still. . .stop men and some women in their tracks with how they look.

    And, you would be one of them. It's your smile. Your whole body is smiling. heehee. You do have a beautiful smile. G'day Miss M. :D

    btw, It was a rough 2 years after I had to divorce her. Richard Marx' words, "...slowly go insane" would apply to the first year. Talk about withdrawals. :D Nice to be past that.