Monday, September 20, 2010

...wOrKoUt tOurEttEs...

I love to workout alongside the guys at my gym. I love it, because they push me without saying a word. I run faster…I go harder and longer…I do one more rep without stopping…all because I want to beat them. This is funny...because the few guys I am usually trying to beat...are pretty strong guys…all younger than me (except one)…all men…many are ex-military...or in law enforcement. I can’t beat them usually…but still…I try and I’ll NEVER stop trying.

Sometimes…almost EVERY time…I am in serious pain during a workout as I race against the boys and the stopwatch. Consequently, I have to fight my way through most workouts. The funny part…the annoying part…is how uncontrollably loud I am. I GRUNT…and I MOAN…and I YELL. I’ve often referred to myself as “the Monica Seles of Crossfit”. I even shout out profanities every now and then. I make all sorts of crazy noise! I always wonder if I'm alone in this...Lots of times, no one says anything. Sometimes they tease me and say the sounds I make sound like the "mating call of a wild moose". Consequently, that's my nickname on especially hard/loud days in the gym..."Moose". The weird part is that it all JUST happens. These profanities and noises just fly out of my mouth without any thought…like I can’t control it. Even today in the gym...working out...ALL alone...I STILL grunted and yelled. It’s almost like I have Tourettes Syndrome…except it’s ONLY when I workout and it’s ONLY verbal…no tics…yet. It’s like I have “Workout Tourettes” and I wonder if I’ll ever be “cured”. Maybe one day I will learn to control it…but until then…I guess my friends at the gym will have to put up with me and my ridiculous noises in the gym. Still, I wonder...are other people as noisy as me???

~I'm so glad that I workout at a Crossfit gym where I can drop weights, and yell, and do whatever it takes to push myself further! I found this video and thought it was hilarious! Good thing I don't go to Planet Fitness! I might be kicked out!



  1. LOL. Yeah, we hear lots of grunts, moans, and yells at our facility. It often sounds like a rather challenging tennis match a few minutes in to a WOD. Nothing wrong with expressing yourself! Love it!

  2. Hahhaha! I'm not too loud except when I'm really pissed from a failed max or the end of a long met con - My honey on the other hand is a serious serious grunter!!! Sometimes a good grunt makes that power you were digging for just happen - love it!
    MsPattyR :)

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? They kicked him out for grunting? You can always tell when the WODs half way over at our gym because of all the noise!

    Last week, we had a 8*6*4*4*4*4 on deadlifts and one of the guys went for a PR. I swear on that 375 he sounded like the "Scat Man" on every rep. Another guy said he sounded like a sushi bar chef!

  4. I agree Patty! I do whatever it takes to "find" what I need!

    That's funny Jenn! I've heard some interesting noises at times... ha ha!

  5. I grunt a lot and yell profanities, too. And like you, it's not something I plan or think about, it just happens. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

  6. I got sushed the other day at the box for yelling encouragement to a new Crossfitter!! But I to get looks for my "noises" while WODing!!! I take them as badges of honor!! If you aren't working hard enough to make involuntary are working hard enough!!

  7. Planet Fitness, "etiquette" policy is F****n ridiculous. Pardon my profanity ;) There is quite a bit of "colorful" words at my box except when the kids classes are in session, then we are all very good about keeping the language clean. But grunting, yelling, even loud exhales are always allowed and even encouraged!