Friday, September 24, 2010

...wHiCh wOuLd yOu rAtHeR hAvE?...

I am not going to be mistaken for a professional athlete or a bodybuilder anytime in the near future. Muscles are not the first thing people notice when they see me...BUT when I slip into a bikini, I don't look scrawny or skinny. I think I look healthy and fit.

A few months ago, I posted some pics on my Facebook of some new bikinis I bought to show my friends. They were pics of them on models...thin models. Then when I got home from vacation, I was looking through pics on the beach and realized that while I am not abounding in muscles, I look so much healthier and stronger than those models wearing the same suits. Was it a HUGE difference? No...but it was enough to make me glad that I do what I do in the gym.

So I ask you...#1 Would you rather look skinny? Or #2 Would you rather look strong and healthy? Different people like different things...and I must say that I know my body is not perfect. There are people in better shape...people stronger...that look better, but the point I'm trying to make is that what we see in magazines...what we are taught to think is "good"...skinny...isn't as good as being healthy and fit!

If you chose answer #2, then get in the gym and lift weight! Push yourself! Don't worry about being bulky. I am a perfect example of someone that lifts weight and I am far from bulky!


Here's an amazing article from Elite FTS that really helped me realize how important the way I train is. CLICK HERE to read!


  1. I hope to rock a swimsuit someday! I say suit and not bikini due to the abundance of stretch marks I've collected on my stomach (if you know how to get rid of those, let me know)...but I digress...maybe next summer! First, I have to work my way into shorts! I've almost eliminated all the cellulite on my thighs that I thought would never go away 6 months ago.

  2. I would MUCH rather look fit, strong and muscular than be skinny!

    However, I do have an issue with the first comparison of images... GRANTED the one on the left is honestly (in my opinion) gross, but lets compare apples to apples. The athlete on the right is a sprinter. The athlete on the left is a long distance runner. Both runners, but the energy systems for that sport are different, so the bodies develope differently. If you look at long distance runners, most are very willowy, lean, and (what I've seen) looking sickly thin. The image on the left is probably somewhat standard for that sport: low bodyfat and low muscle. Sprinters have amazing bodies!

    Also keep in mind the amount of photo editing that go into commercial photos! It's rediculous to compare ourselves to what we see in magazines!

    I pride in the fact that my husband doesn't have to carry the groceries in for me!

    Strong IS the new skinny

  3. You look amazing! I'd chose #2.

  4. Me too! And yes...those are extreme examples of two opposite ends of the spectrum. I also agree w editing that goes into pics in magazines. I used this illustration because I think women think they have to do more and more and more cardio...I know I have struggled with that. A friend of mine sent me that article b/c I kept telling him I wanted to look more muscular but I kept running more and more. It really helped open my own eyes to what I was doing. I was afraid if I wasn't working for hours on end and started doing shorter sprints...I would get fat...NOT SO.

  5. Oh...BTW...thanks "Anonymous"!!! :)

    And Jason...that's too funny! As a blonde...for a moment I said, "Which blonde?" then the lightbulb came on and I died laughing!

  6. will get there...I never thought I would either! Give it time and keep'll be surprised where you're at in a year! I'm so out of order on my responses! (ha ha!)

  7. Didn't Ben Johnson admit to taking steriods for several years? I'm just saying...that's probably not the best example of real physical fit.

  8. I think so...but I'm pretty sure that's Michael Johnson in the pic....either way...sprinters are always much more muscular than a marathon runners.

  9. The article discusses Ben Johnson. This runner is British--looks like Dwain Chambers--also known doper. I'm just about accuracy when trying to prove a point. I also do not care for the willowy body of the long distance runner, but there are many runners that are in great shape that would argue the fitness aspects of running vs lifting. I have some very close friends that are long distance runners. I'm pretty sure the long distance runner could argue a pretty good case in regards to performance with the sprinter. I am for fitness--all areas of fitness. I like the concepts discussed here, Im just not a CFer.

    In any case, I agree that the stronger pics look much better than the willowy looks. I also think your pics make a strong point. Definitely like the athletic look over the super model skinny look.

  10. You're right..the article does talk about Ben Johnson...I thought you were merely talking about the pic/images not being a good representation. It looked like Michael Johnson...but on closer inspection, it is Ben..and I agree and see your point on the steroid issue. As far as accuracy, it's just an illustration that I might not have explained as well as I would like to.

    Long story short...the point I'm trying to make is 2 fold...

    #1 I think a fit body looks better than a skinny body

    #2 If you want to be fit and muscular, you have to train correctly. Women tend to way over do the cardio and use that energy system that takes them a long way rather than doing short bursts and building muscle.

    As for not being a CFer...that's ok. My CF friends might not all agree, but I always say that there is "more than one way to skin a cat". People have to find what works for them. I personally think a CF type program is best, but I respect everyone's keep it comin. I can tell that you're gonna keep me on my toes and that's a good thing! ;)

    I think in the end we agree on what we both think looks "best".

  11. wants to sponsor this movement with produced media and even apparel design (if you'd like). Email if the SITNS Crew is interested!

  12. How exciting! I will be in touch!!!

  13. The girls on the left look a lil' sickly! Really glad to see a strong woman who can do a pull-up and lift more than pink neoprene represent and look amazing in the bikinis (much hotter than just skinny). Everything but that awful phone cover looks great to me! Please keep writing amazing posts so I can show the women I train and ask, "Which would you rather look like?"
    My wife admires Kristan Clever. Why can't more women admire real women who achieve something?