Friday, December 2, 2011

...MoRe pLeAsE...

At some time or another we've all wanted to be "ER"...prettiER... thinnER... smartER... strongER. We think that if we had MORE...more money... more time... more friends... that our lives would be better.

Sometimes, what we think we need more of to have a better life...isn't what we need at all. We don't need more money. We need less keeping up with the Jones' and more sharing. We don't need to be prettier. We need less focus on our outward appearance and more time devoted internally. We don't need to be thinner. We need less starvation and crazy diets and more focus on moderation and overall health. We don't need to be smarter. We need to make better choices and think before we act. We don't need more time. We need to use the time we have more wisely, rather than wasting it on things that don't matter.

As far as friends and strength goes, I believe that if we could all be more careful in the way we treat others...if we could be kinder...and think of someone else before our selves...if we took the time to think before we speak...practiced the "Golden Rule"...were less shy and more willing to reach out...and could learn to let go of jealousy...we would have more friends then we know what to do with.

I believe that if we would lift heavy stuff rather than read as we walk on the treadmill...if we would choose to stop making hard...take our health seriously and treat our bodies like a temple that houses our soul...if we were willing to step outside our comfort zone...learn to endure the hard times with grace and allow those times to teach us...we would have strength abounding.

Take a moment and think about what it is you want more of and why, and then...go get it...not the easy way that doesn't last...but in a way that permanently changes you and everyone's life that you touch.


  1. is there any possibility of getting the sins logo above in the pic on a black hoodie?! LOVE this logo =)

  2. Yes!!!!! It is part of a whole new line coming on in less than 2 weeks! I will have yoga capris, tanks, and wide neck sweatshirts, etc with this new logo! Stay tuned! :)

  3. I Love your inspirations posts, Marsha. They just make me want to work better. Love and Miss ya Lots!

  4. I love EVERYTHING about this post!!! That was so well spoken!!!

  5. Good post. Think before we speak...well I read on the stair stepper. I wonder what you think about that? I recently dropped 20 lbs and am in the best shape I have been in in 16 years prior to 3 kids. I work out, eat right and am interested in being fit--not a weightlifter.

    Just saying...

  6. Thank you!

    Anonymous ^^^,
    I'd love tell you what I think. I think that if walking on a stair stepper works for you and you are accomplishing your goals, good for you. I have NO problem with that! The women and men that follow my Facebook page and read my blog do all different forms of exercise. Everyone has to find what works for them! I would encourage you to continue to branch out and do different things as you continue along, but I am not telling everyone that they have to be a weightlifter. I think that your success up to this point with losing weight is awesome, but what I really like is that you say you are "in the best shape in 16 years". It sounds like you are happy and confident and that is great! Being strong is NOT just about how much weight is on the barbell. It's about confidence and being strong mentally too! Keep working hard! It sounds like you are doing well!