Monday, December 20, 2010

...LiStEn uP!...

I'm not a middle of the road kinda gal. I take my time...worry...before I make a decision...but once I decide to do something...I grab the bull by the horns...all or nothing...full throttle. When I was fat...I ate to excess...I never worked out. Now...I tend to workout in excess. My addiction didn't go away...sometimes I think it morphed into something else.

I've learned to embrace pain. I know that pushing myself will making me more ways than just physically...and so I push myself...hard...every day. I never slow down. Many times, I don't take the time I need to recover from the stress I put my body through daily. The part of me that is scared of gaining weight and going back to where I was when I was overweight and unhealthy, convinces the smart part of me that rest is for wimps. I know that rest (in the right amount) is for smart people that don't want to injure and over train their bodies, but it's still hard for me.I was feeling strong...but then I felt worn out...weak...and broken. Finally last week, my body got tired of me not listening and it quit on me. I tried to workout, but my body just wouldn't allow it. I felt really upset...betrayed...but I then it was brought to my attention that maybe I was the one betraying my body. Even though I'm not a gifted, natural athlete...I want to train like an athlete...but then I deprive my body of the rest and good foods and sleep my body needs to perform like an athlete. I don't listen to my body.When my body got tired and MADE me listen last week, I was upset. I had a little meltdown, wrote about it, and then made a smart decision. I decided to rest. I got much more sleep than normal over the weekend and I did not workout...AT ALL...for 3 days. What a difference 3 days made! This morning I hit the gym early for work sets of back squats, bench presses, and power cleans and it was hard...and painful at times...but I felt great because I FINALLY gave my body the time to recover that it has been screaming for.I hate that I had to go through what I did last week, but I guess I needed a wake up call. I needed to be reminded to take the time and listen to my body before it shuts down and I needed to recommit to taking better care of my body not just in the gym but in other ways as well.



  1. I have the same problem... and my body fought back over the last week. Didn't let my lat heal up- how about a strained calf muscle? Lat and calf are hurting- LOWER BACK SPASM!! I am listening finally and taking the next week off of heavy exercise. I'm gonna go to an early morning Thursday class before heading out of town, but then no more until after Christmas! :) Rest and sleep are good!

  2. Finding a balance is always harder and for some it is harder. I have the same problem, and often times I have to learn the hard way before I get it LOL. The important part is that you figured out that you need to pamper yourself a bit and that it is good for you! Good luck in finding the right balance!

  3. I have gone through a protracted version of this recently, as I have been injured. I was training round it, doing my physio exercises, and making a good recovery. And then I got impatient. And relapsed.

    I am *so* mad at my body right now. I am used to being able to beat it into submission, but not this time. This time it is calling the shots. It is tough. But it is making me develop my mental strength and resilience. And it is changing our relationship; I have a new found respect for it, and treat it with more care. Ultimately these things make us better athletes, and healthier people.

    Right? ;-)

  4. Definitely!!! I agree wholeheartedly! I could I not expect my body to "betray me" when I have abused it and treated it so badly lately. I'm learning to change my "relationship" as well! Thanks ladies!

  5. I am so happy to hear you FORCED yourself to rest. It's not easy to do, I know. But isn't it amazing what even a little bit of a break will do for the body and soul?

    Happy Holidays :)

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