Friday, June 22, 2012

...sAvE yOuRsELf...

I think growing up we get the idea that there will be someone to save us if we ever need it.  Some people even begin to rely on it.  We grow up with parents there to catch us as we take our first steps, and we read comics where we see Superman always saving Lois Lane.  We see infomercials on TV as adults about quick easy ways to lose weight and get in shape.  We want diet pills to make us thin and a superhero to come along and save us from our troubles, but here's the TRUTH....

It's nice to have a little help now and then and it's okay to ask for it, BUT you don't need anyone to "save you".  You have all the skills within yourself to accomplish your goals and to save YOURSELF.  You can be your very own superhero.  You can change your life and let go of things and people that are holding you back from your true potential.  You can overcome physical weakness and become strong if you are willing to work hard.  STOP looking for an easy way.  STOP being a victim waiting for a hero to come along and "catch you."  Be strong and SAVE YOURSELF!


  1. Thank you Marsha! I am 15 days away from my first 70.3 Ironman and have felt physically, mentally and emotionally weak. Second guessing my abilities and my reasoning for putting myself thru this crazy training. Your post made me recoginize that I am human and will doubt myself but that I can overcome anything as long as I allow myself to stop thinking and just keep doing:) Its only me against me and this girl will complete 70.3 miles!

    Traci Schommer

  2. That's awesome Traci!!! That's such a great goal. Go out there and show em what you got! You got this and will do great!!! :) ~Marsha

  3. Traci! Super impressed of your doing an Ironman. No weakness in that -- good luck!

    Marsha -- another great post. I am all about making the choice to 'be happy' or to 'be in charge' of oneself. I have always had a life where I needed to depend on myself only...and I thank my parents for not allowing me to run back to them at the first blip.

    Something to be said regarding 'pull YOURSELF up by your bootstraps'.

    Thanks, as always, for the terrific blog post.

  4. Yes! You hold your life. You always have to be the first hero of yourself! :)

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  8. Such a great post Marsha. I think sometimes we like to hold the idea that someone can save us because it helps us deal with the full extent of the responsibility over a situation. If we have someone to fall back on, then it's not just us alone out there if we mess up. But you're right, it's just a matter of having the confidence and the belief that says "you have all the skills within yourself" (like you said).

    Anyway, really cool stuff. Thanks again!