Thursday, March 22, 2012

...step away from the donuts and nobody gets hurt...

The smell...the way it feels when I first bite into it...the texture in my mouth...the happiness I feel when I eat a amazing.  Seriously.  I admit it.  I freaking love doughnuts.  I do.  So heading up to the school for "Muffins with Mom" (where they serve Krispy Kreme doughnuts) with my 10 yr old son, Jake seems like a perfect opportunity to have one.  Right?

I told myself before I left the house.  I will NOT have a doughnut, but I wondered if I could do it.  I scanned the cafeteria for Facebook friends.  The coast was clear.  I thought, "I could eat one and no one would ever know."  We all know that's not true though.  I would know.  Once I was resolved to chatting with Jake while he ate THREE DELICIOUS, AMAZING, SWEET doughnuts, I started to have a little inner pity party.  "It's not fair!  Look at all these other Moms eating doughnuts!  It's only won't make me fat...or kill me...or ruin everything."  These were the voices in my head.  I tried to talk to Jake so I couldn't hear them, but my inner fat girl talks really loud and she likes attention.

As bad as it felt to sit there, it felt really good to walk out having kept my word...not to my friends on Facebook...but to myself.  There's power and happiness in self control.  There's freedom in making a choice and sticking to it.  There's peace in going through the day proud rather than carrying regrets after a few moments of joy.  Don't short change yourself.  Have faith in your ability to choose and follow through.  Relish the power that grows every time you make a choice to do the right thing...whether it's a food choice or a choice of whether or not to hit the gym.  Small choices can make a big difference.


  1. I love this! While donuts don't usually have a hold on me, I have other vices (yum, Reuben sandwich!) that call to me when they're close by. Sure, it tastes great, but after giving in, it just doesn't seem worth it.

    Kudos for staying strong in the face of temptation!

  2. I love this! I too have the inner fat girl and she loves her some chocolate. It is so hard in the moment, but after the feeling of power over that choice feels great. When I can string more and more days together with 100% good choices, I feel like my willpower triples.

    1. I like that about choices and will power! :)

  3. First your before and after pic's are amazing!!!!I bet the other moms don't look as fit and strong as you-Its interesting to look around and see the lack of fitness in others to remind yourself of what you have and how hard you work for what you got---I have done that inner dialogue sooo many times-ugh but you take it to another level--thank you--I may have to reread it as a reminder-! : )

  4. WooHoo! You did it! I too have that inner fat girl who LOVES doughnuts with all her heart...I used to wait in line at Krispy Kreme for a nice warm one, eat that one, then get a dozen and eat 2-3 more in a sitting. I can now walk into a Dunkin' Donuts and just order myself a Coffee with Milk and be happy. And I pretty much don't let doughnuts pass through my lips because I know what trouble it will get me into. Although this seems like something small, I believe EVERY and ANY triumph we make is worth celebrating!

  5. mmmmm donuts. :~)

  6. Congrats! That is a tough one to conquer, but it feels great when you do. Whenever I think, “No one will know!”, I force myself to repeat: “What you eat in private, you will wear in public.”

  7. Just yesterday my friend offered me a crispy creme donut. Without batting an eyelash, I said NO.

    Something weird happened. I felt sooo powerful. I can't believe how empowering it is to be able to say no.