Friday, January 6, 2012

...fReAkiN fAnTaStiC...

Get out there and get EVERYTHING you can out of this day...your training...your life!!!  Recognize the greatness and potential that lies within you!  GET HEALTHY!  GET HAPPY!  GET STRONG!


  1. Super interested in the 30 day challenge but completely lost what it entails in dieting foods. Please help!

    1. I followed the WHOLE 30 CHallenge! Here's a link!

      It truly changed me! See my results on my other blog at!


  2. I just found your site. I love it. I would like to submit my story for inclusion on your blog. It is as follows.

    The sudden death of my wife of 37 years from diet related causes changed my life. I knew I had to make a change or I would be next. For the sake of my children still at home I began to study.

    I began living a low carb high fat lifestyle two and a half years ago. I’ve lost 158 pounds, my type 2 diabetes is gone along with a heart condition. I feel great. I’m 6 foot tall and now weigh 182 pounds, that’s down from 340 pounds.

    If I can do it you can do it. Read my blog for my story:

    I have before and now pictures.

    Thank you.

    Dan Moffett