Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...waLkiNg oN bRoKeN gLaSs...

...(big sigh)...

Some days it feels like you can't there's a road block at every turn...and broken glass on every path. It would be easy to cry or post "FML" as a Facebook status, but that doesn't break down walls or get us further down the path.

I was feeling a little stressed and on the phone getting some advice this morning. I rushed into the bathroom to get dressed to go to the gym and workout as I was talking on the phone and kicked the door about as hard as I ever have with my pinky toe. This poor pinky toe has been broken twice before as I'm always in a hurry and not known for my agility! The pain was so incredible that it took a few seconds before I could scream, cuss, or cry...all three of which I did when I was able to.

After I recovered from the immediate physical pain, my tears went from tears of pain to tears of frustration. I thought, "Why can't I catch a break?!? I just want to go workout and do what I need to do and I feel like I'm always kicking against the pricks so to speak or bathroom doors...whatever!"

Now my toe is throbbing and swollen and I know that it's gonna hurt to put on a shoe. I even said right afterwards on the phone, "Now I probably won't even be able to workout today!" I wanted to give up, unmake my bed, get back in, and scream "FML!!!" from under the covers.As I hung up the phone and dried my tears, I realized that I am unwilling to give up. I don't care who pushes me down, or hurts my feelings, or how many times I break my toe, or what kind of bad luck I face...I am going to keep on standing back up. I can't control what happens to me, but I can control how I react to it. I CHOOSE when to give up and I'm not ready to give up! I'm going to the gym and I will workout without shoes if I can't get em on!

It's fight or flight time and I'm not ready to fly so I better start fighting! Now is the time for me to climb over road blocks and walk through broken glass barefoot if I have to in order to get to something better on the other side. I might struggle and I may come out of this a little bruised and bloody, but I will look back stronger and smarter someday! So what, if I stubbed my toe and it hurts. I have no excuse to skip working out today and neither do you!


  1. love this. especially since i empathize with you about the toe pain. i broke my pinkie toe once, running out of a room. on a PRINTER that was sitting on the floor.

    great message!

  2. (((hugs))) Kinda going through the same thing.
    My right knee is swollen and I might need to go to the doc's to have it drained and get a shot or cortisone. However, it is the first time in the 2 years we've been living in FL. I had to have both knees drained about every 6 months in NJ just to walk. Trying to hammer my stick legs but can only work the upper body for now. Knee replacement will probably be in my future. I usually just say to myself "stop being a whinny little pussy and grow some balls".


    Everything Strength

  3. My mantra these days: What doesn't kill me...will make me STRONGER! I should be strong as hell reallllllll soon! LOL! ;D