Monday, July 18, 2011

...sUpeR yOu...

Wouldn't you like to be faster than a speeding bullet? Or more powerful than a locomotive? Or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Sounds pretty good to me, but unfortunately I can't do any of these things because I am human...just a mortal. I walk on the ground. I can get hurt, and someday I will die. I don't posses any of the super human qualities that makes a super hero special. Some might think that makes me regular...nothin special...nothing super.

When I think about super heroes, the 3 that immediately come to my mind are: Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. Superman and Spiderman had special powers that made them super heroes and gave them the ability to do the amazing things they did, but Batman was different than the other super heroes. He couldn't fly or stop a bullet. Batman fought crime and saved people just like the other guys, but he did not use special, super human powers. He made use of what he had. He used his wealth and his intelligence...his love of technology, his detective skills, and his physical abilities to accomplish many of the same things his fellow super heroes did.

This brings me to the thought that we don't need to be able to fly or cling to walls or become invisible to be super. Not everyone has the same skill or talent as the next guy, so people...just like super heroes...are super in different ways. I would love to have natural athleticism and I envy people with great agility, but those are not gifts I was given. My gift is the ability to keep going and not give up. Sure, I think about it...and sometimes I may pause...but in the end...I get it done...and that has lead me to the successes that I have had.Everyone that WANTS to be...can be SUPER in their own way. The trick is embracing the talents and gifts that are individual to you and not wasting your time trying to be like someone else. Batman would not have been a successful superhero had he spent his time trying to fly like Superman. Be proud of who you are and your strengths. Find what it is that you are good at and embrace it. This doesn't mean you avoid the things you are not good at, but you should perfect the talents that are specific to you while improving upon things that do not come as easy.

Don't be afraid to be super because of what other people may think. Take a moment today to figure out what is super about you. I'd even love it, if you shared it with the rest of us in your comments. Then, be proud of the hard work that you do. Make a commitment to make the most out of what you have. Be strong and know that YOU can be super!

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