Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confidence is sexy

I remember a conversation in the gym several months ago.  We were talking about all the things women do to look better and younger and one guy said, "Who cares about a few wrinkles?!?  Confidence is way sexier than having no wrinkles!"  We all laughed and most of the guys agreed.  I remember thinking that it was an interesting perspective.

When I was getting my hair done all day Sunday, I saw this article above and I had to snap a picture with my phone because it took me back to that day in the gym.  The whole thing was about how men would rather be with a larger, less pretty girl that is confident and happy than a thin, beautiful, insecure woman.  78%!  That's a big number...more than 3/4 of men.  Now, I will say this..."plus sized" is a loose term so I don't wanna debate THAT...but the point remains.  Men prefer confidence over perfection.

This should be an eye opener to all us women!  Maybe we should stop obsessing over the outside and pay a little closer attention to the inside.  I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't try to look our best.  But I am suggesting that if the outside looks good, but we have nothing else to offer...we may find ourselves alone and seriously unhappy.

The next time you look in the mirror and you want to pick yourself apart...the next time you think that you are alone or unhappy because you are not thin enough...the next time you feel the need to complain about what is wrong with you...think about this poll.  I personally believe we should all always be working to improve ourselves (men included), but not at the expense of our sanity or health.  Don't starve to look like a supermodel.  Work hard in the gym and eat a balanced healthy diet.  Don't spend all your time obsessing over your flaws.  Take time to learn new things and become more interesting.  Don't spend your time telling other people what is wrong with you or what you would like to change.  Work on yourself from the inside out in private and learn more about other people rather than telling them about your flaws and insecurities.

Bottom line...if you want people to be attracted to you...whether it's romantically or as a friend...what's on the inside matters way more than what's on the outside.  We will all get older, and eventually gravity will take it's toll.  Work on building things that are lasting.  Be strong and healthy.  Be well rounded and happy.  Most of all, learn to like yourself so that you can exude confidence...because strength and confidence are WAY sexier than skinny and insecure!